Winter is almost gone!!!

I can almost see the ground again!!! My four wheeler is now visible, and only stuck in about 2 feet of snow and not buried under 8. Yay!!!

My life has been absolutely nuts since October. Not all in bad ways, but not in all good ways either.

We moved into a house that was given to us. Handed over for nothing. Goddess bless my brother in law.

One of my daughters has been diagnosed with multiple mental health issues, but we are getting that back on track thanks to a bunch of therapists. They totally rock!!!

My husband has been ill, but we have gotten that under control, and things are totally looking up for that. Getting a new job and all that. The stress is getting to him from where he works, and that will be changing soon…..very soon.

My oldest daughter is getting married next year on Halloween. We love the fiancée, so thats a good thing 🙂 He is perfect for her and vice versa.

My daughters therapist decided that I needed a therapist. She was right. Its only been two weeks, but already it helps a bit. There is a lot of stress in my life and I need to have somewhere to vent.

My biggest issue these days tho is trying to find a place for all my crap. I have a good sized house and I cannot organize to save my life. It’s driving me totally insane.

That’s a brief rundown of what has been going on. I have to run now, tomorrow is going to be a busy busy day for me.


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