Hey to whom every reads this. It would be nice if someone was, but hey, I’m doing this for me anyways lol.

Summer has been crazy, but in a good way :). The hubs changed jobs, which is great. He is now so much happier and it great :). The kids have been a bit bored, but its just been too hot to do anything, but now it has(hopefully) cooled down for a bit, so I can get them outside without having to worry about heat stroke.

Other than general running about, there hasn’t been anything exciting going on. Which in my world, is a good thing.

I actually have a few ideas for a couple of serious posts, but I need to think them through before putting them here. I have a habit of just speaking without thinking, and here it at least gives me the option of revision, so I don’t sound like a terrible person.

Have a great day!!!

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