Nearing the end of summer

and I haven’t done alot of anything. I did get my back yard mostly cleared up. A bit more and it will be safe enough for the kids to out and play. It’s better than nothing. The pool is still in the box and the jungle gym is still buried in the jungle :/

But I have gotten to spend alot of time with my bestie/sister/female soul mate. Its been a good summer. Not great, but its been full of family and friends. We have built some good memories, but there have been a few not so good. Shit was stolen out of my van in my brother in laws van. Not good. There are so many druggies in this neck of the woods. I live in what used to be a nice peaceful little town. What is needed here is good old fashioned do it yourself justice. The police don’t seem to get involved in much of anything here, it seems to always be a civil matter. A few blanket parties would take care of shit.

In other news, I have yet another preggo kitty that is due to pop anytime now. I’m hoping there will only be one or two….I have enough animals now, and I get attached to easily. My poor hubby is allergic to the cats as it is, and having more would probably kill him.

I’ve got to upload some pics that I’ve taken this summer. Some actually came out good. I’ll put them up and let others be the judge.

I guess thats it for now. TTFN

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