This may be a nonsense post.

I haven’t been sleeping well, so I took two sleeping pills in hopes that I may sleep tonite. So if they kick in, please bear with the typos that will come with it all.

I have decided that I need help. I need help budgeting, making menus and just making it work out in general. I can get the bills paid, but then there are issues eating, and vice versa. The general stress level has gone down a bit, but no for me. The kids and husband are doing better. I just need to kick in and figure out how to make it all work.

I was on food stamps for a while. The hubby changed jobs and they cut them totally. None of the transitional that they said I would get to make it a bit easier. So in order to make the stress go away, they give me pills, nothing heavy, just zoloft and ambien. Sometimes my mind is worse after taking them than before.

I did however get the youngest ready for school. Backpack, all the supplies, new shoes and sneakers, and some new outfits. The bigger ones will need to wait til the next week or so for theirs. Good thing htey understand.

One of my cats had kittens the other day. I’m not sure if it was from the fleas or whatnot, but they all died. Totally depressing let me tell you. Down the road, my moms cat lost all 5 of hers. Seems to be an epidemic these days. At least in my family.

The good thing is that the days are still gorgeous and we can go outside for a bit longer still. Never did get the pool up, but there’s next summer. The swingset too. But at least we have a great place to play in the snow this winter ­čÖé

Ok, enough insane ambien ravings. Havea lovely evening!!!

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