Here I am :D

I was over at Bloggy Moms Blog Dare tonight, and this prompt caught my eye. “What brand should hire me to represent them in social media…”

I immediately thought of Maine Coast Memorial Hospital. Now, I know this isn’t a brand, but it is a place where I have spent many many hours, and I can attest to the fact that for the most part, they do an awesome job.

My youngest was born there almost 7 years ago. I have spent countless hours in the emergency room with my husband, (panic attacks, chest pains, car accidents, dislocated knee and shoulder, and numerous incidents with stitches involved.) as he is rather accident prone.

Not to mention the countless fevers, rashes, cuts, bumps, bruises, broken things and a swallowed penny with the kids over time.

The security guard knows my name, and has most of the entry paperwork done when I get to the desk. He even knows me well enough that if we aren’t in the hospital, he comes over and we chat. (I find it amusing and yet sad at the same time.)

The nurses and most of the doctors know me on sight, and ask who I am here with this time. They were honestly shocked one day because it was actually me in the ER for a change.

So, the prompt itself is good, but am I the only one who sees how sad it is that the only thing I can come up with is the local hospital??

For some reason, links are not cooperating with me today, so I will try for that again later. ­čÖé

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