Well, I’ll be

This place is still standing. I haven’t meant to ignore this here. Things have been kinda blah….not boring, but not yay.

Tho, I have had some great times as of late. Took the whole family to NY for a mini vacation. Started as a trip to surprise my ex for his birthday(kids idea). Then I realized that one of my besties lived right there, and her birthday was just before his, so I said lets all go and have an awesome time. Got there Friday, spent the day showing the current husband where I lived, then went out for the night. Got up the next day and took a road trip to NJ….

A bit of a backstory here. My dad died when I was 13. My step mother was pregnant when he died. I knew I had a little brother,but every time I went to find him, I was given the royal runaround. They didn’t know where he was, so forth and so on. Anyways, about a year and a half ago, I decided to make one final search for my brother. I found him on FB. We had talked on the phone a few times, but hadn’t gotten a chance to meet. That’s where the story picks up again.

When I made the trip to NY, I called my brother. On Saturday, after I dropped the kids off with their dad, including my youngest one who doesn’t belong to him because her big sister wanted her, me Joe and my bestie took off for the Jersey shore.

After 29 years, I got to meet my brother. It was probably one of the best days of my life to date. We had pizza and ice cream, walked the Boardwalk to Asbury Park, went to a pinball museum. It was awesome ­čÖé

My husband has never actually been out of the state of Maine. So Susie decided that we were going to take him to Manhattan after we left Jersey. It was so awesome, and amusing to watch my hubby in the middle of Times Square for the first time.

I had such an awesome time, that I almost considered moving back there. If it wasn’t for the schools, I probably would. I hate the schools there tho. Too big and over crowded. I will stay here, as I love my home state. But I’m not opposed to the option of spending an extended vacation there:)

Here’s a few pics: Flight 800 Memorial, Smiths Point State Park

Smiths Point Beach

Sunset in Belmar

My brother, his wife, my two nieces and my husband.

Joe with a sculpture in Battery Park

Joe and I in Times Square

Who knew that Lady Liberty was actually an Asian man??

We tried to get the officers to cuff him but they wouldn’t

Poor baby had a rough day

Other than that bit of excitement, all I’ve been doing is cooking and cleaning and playing taxi. Normal mom stuff ­čÖé S’ok tho. You have an awesome time and I will be back soon, hopefully tomorrow ­čÖé

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