Spring has sprung

Well, kind of. I wish the weather would make up its mind. One day it’s 40, the next it’s 80 and so forth and so on. I’m amazed that no one is sick as of yet. I probably just jinxed myself tho. Oh well, what else is new??

Other ways in my house that I can tell spring is here is that I have two teenage girls who are getting all googly-eyed over boys again. Teen spring fever. The good thing is that it falls of by summer. I have one getting married this year, I don’t need to deal with another serious relationship until the others are, lets say 30, just for my piece of mind. It probably won’t happen that way even though I have tried my best. They aren’t believing that sex is horrible until you’re 30. Hey, can’t blame me for trying :).

My favorite thing about spring: My kids do not like spring and summer sports. I don’t have to deal with softball or any of the expenses. Or the running around. I do all that in the winter..cheering, drama club, band etc. I’m glad that they all have activities they enjoy but the running wears me out.

Well, that’s enough babbling for now. I’ll be back ­čÖé Soon. Really.

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