Hellooo out there

As you can see, I have been so busy with everything fucking off that I just haven’t had time to post. There’s been graduations, shingles, therapists, and all kinds of other fun crap, that I didn’t have a clue as to where to start. So I’m going to fake it ­čśÇ

My next to eldest daughter graduated HS on Thursday. I am so proud of her and it only took an extra year to do it. Not that she couldn’t she just didn’t want to be bothered. But at the end of last year, she buckled down and this year she made it. I’ll put up some pics later. I am way to lazy to locate my external hard drive.

My dear sweet husband ended up with shingles. I know they hurt, but still. All he’s done for two weeks is whine. I sympathize with him, I really do. But dude, put on your big boy drawers and deal. Yes, I have been told that I’m a bitch, why do you ask?

The others are out of school this Friday. Oh joy. The first week or two is ok, but after that, all I hear is “I’m bored” ┬á“Theres nothing to do” “Can we go somewhere” Drives me nuts. There will be two pools in the back yard, and I have enough toys and electronics here to open my own shop. Plus, I have three acres of land complete with wildlife. There has to be more to do than get in the car and drive to town. I hate driving and I despise shopping. Doesn’t leave too much does it? The beach is out because I cannot stand to be around all those people with their screaming kids. Don’t get me wrong, I have kids and they are very very far from perfect, but the way some of those other kids act…………..I’d beat mine to the ground and be gone. I sure as hell wouldn’t subject everyone else to them. Thats just wrong, people.

Well, I guess I’ve vented enough, and I have probably insulted a few people as well. Oh well, freedom of speech and all that rot.


Have a loverly time. I’ll be back eventually ­čśÇ


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