Another day

Well, I had a whole post that I wrote when I was at the E.R. with my husband the other day, but apparently my phone ate it.

We were at the E.R. because my husband was having chest pains again. I would rather go to the hospital and have them tell me it’s just stress than to sit it out. I  know the one time I don’t take him, it will be something so I never take that chance.

It all started because my van was repo’d. Technically I gave  it back. I wanted the person that I got the van from out of my life totally. So its done. I just wish I would’ve gotten the new vehicle first. But shit happens. No biggie, I’ll have one by next week.

The biggest thing is that the husband’s brother seems to think that everything that goes on is his business. How much we make, how its spent, etc. etc. According to him, we make too much money to have nothing. Our heads are barely above water. He doesn’t realize that there are 5 of us here on one income. He gave my poor husband such a hard time the other night, I’m pretty sure that was what drove him over the edge. But its done now, and over. Time to move on.

Other than that, its been not a bad summer. Not enough money to really go anywhere or do anything. But my bestie is here and we’ve made it through. When you are broke, you learn to make the best of things.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July(well, us Americans anyways) I’m going out to work on my tan for a bit. Have a great day 🙂

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