*WARNING* this is a bitch, rant and rave and possible a i feel sorry for me post

You  have been warned.

I am so fed up with my family at times. I have to drop everything for everyone else, yet when I’m up against it, apparently I get to suck wind. I have no car right now, it was “repo’d” but not exactly. I was giving it back as there were certain unhealthy elements involved with it. But that is a whole different post for another day. So, bad I don’t have a car, yet good because there is a whole lot of negative and unhealthy gone.

The thing that pissed me off the most is that my parents have a spare car. I asked to borrow it until I got another one. I would get it inspected and take care of it. (Hey the hubbys a mechanic, we could do that) I was told no. Ok, I can deal with that. That is until I find out my sister gets to use it, as does my brother. I mean really, WTF???

I shouldn’t be too shocked, I should be used to it. I am the oldest of the three of us. I have always gotten the shit end of the stick. My brother got everything cuz he was the only boy, and my sister cuz she was the baby. I had to give up so much shit because of them…….yet I’m still the one who runs everyone everywhere, drops everything because mom, gram, my sis,. dad, etc needs something. Well dammit what about me??? I mean fucking really.


OK, I feel a bit better now that I got that off my chest.  I’m pretty much used to it but it gets to me once in a while. Just totally aggravating upon occasion.

That’s all for now. But hey, if anyone has a van they are getting rid of cheap, let me know 😀

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