I gots a job!!

Granted it’s only for the summer. But it feels good after two years of not working. I have a job being a maid at a hotel in our summer hot spot.  I like the job and I like the people I work with. Some not more that at work friends, and then I wouldn’t trust them with anything I didn’t want people to know. But we are friendly. Most of them are family, so it’s good.

This post, however, is about being a maid in a hotel, and the people that stay there. There should be some base rules, and I am going to list what I think they should be.

I am a hotel maid, not a house maid. I am there to take out the trash, clean the bathroom, make the bed and vacuum the carpet. I am not there to take care of your clothing and put things away. Nor am I going to move your purse, suitcase, laptop or anything you have laying around.  If you want your room cleaned properly, take care of your shit.

If you need extra towels, or your sheets changed, thats fine. That is all you need to tell me. I do not get paid nearly enough to hear why you need these things. Please, please, please keep it to yourself. You would get really upset when I threw up on you.

If you write us a note, let us know exactly what you want. If you say just take the trash and leave towels, that is exactly what we will do. If you write this note, don’t get bent because your bed isn’t made. We followed YOUR instructions.

I know in this economy things are tight. This is why we have jobs cleaning up after you. Be nice and leave your maid a tip. She busts her butt cleaning your toilet and making your bed every day. I’m not talking a lot of money mind you, a few bucks is great. It lets us know that you appreciate that you do not have to do all that little stuff that we do for you.


Ok, I think that’s enough for now. Thank you for reading (if anyone does). It feels good to get that all off my chest as I can’t say it to the guests.

Have an awesome evening 🙂

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3 Responses to I gots a job!!

  1. MsDarkstar says:

    Have you been asked to sanitize/wash..ummm…”toys” yet? I know someone who runs a B&B and says that people ask her to do that ALL THE TIME and she’s squicked out EVERY TIME (and no, she doesn’t do it, cites some sort of regulation… but still…. EWWWW!)

    Good for you for having a job. I don’t have one right now & it’s the pits. Plus, you tip your hotel maid so she doesn’t mention you by name in her eventual tell-all bestseller…. *Grin!

  2. downeastsmurfette says:

    OMG no lol. But I did have one guy try and tell me why he needed extra towels *shudders* I was never so happy to reach my floor. Heres hoping you find a job soon! The tell-all sounds like a good idea lmao

  3. michelle says:

    good for you on getting a job!!! the few times that i stayed in a motel i always made the bed or asked for sheets and did it myself i also cleaned up as i didnt want anyone comming in and finding it a mess!!!

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