So much to do

so little money to do it. I should have known something was going to go wrong. I got the job figuring that it would make it a bit easier to go school shopping and etc. But just when I thought we may almost break even, Joe is out of work. His damned knee keeps giving out. He has degenerative arthritis and it just goes from bad to worse. He needs his knee replaced but they say since he is under 60 they won’t do it, he just has to suck it up and deal. He hasn’t been able to work in a month and it doesn’t look good anytime soon either. He has been fitted for a knee brace and they are looking into injections to help. They doc he saw did say that if the injections didn’t work, he would push for the surgery. He actually called on a Sunday to tell him this. I think that impressed me more than anything.

I think I’m finally making headway with the job tho. I have managed to speed it up a bit so I am not the last one out lol. The problem with me being a maid is that by the time I get home, I do not want to see another toilet. Thank goddess for my Angelbaby or my house would be really really really gross.

On a closing note, can anyone tell my WHY there are so many pubes in a hotel bathroom???? There are three adults here and under the TMI category who all shave the nether regions and there isn’t that much here in a month!!!

Has a wonderful evening. I am going to chill with a glass of something and go to sleep. Have the day off tomorrow and I have a drs appt. Lucky me~~~

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3 Responses to So much to do

  1. MsDarkstar says:

    Ummm, maybe hotels cause “hysterical shedding of the nethers”? (It’s as good a theory as any, I guess…)

  2. michelle says:

    eww yuk at least you still have your sense of humour!! hope things go well for hubby with his knee

  3. downeastsmurfette says:

    Thanks Michelle!! Hope its over with soon ­čÖé
    I love the hysterical shedding theory!! It would almost make some sense lol.

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