Goodbye summer

How have you been? Great here. Workin my ass off 6 days a week, in major (for here) heat and humidity. Throw in asthmatic bronchitis, and back spasms and its been loverly lol.

I like my job for the most part. No one bothers me, I clean the rooms and get out. Very rarely do I have to actually deal with people. Which for me is a bonus. I have found that I can’t deal with stupidity the way I used to. I will explain at a later time, as I want to have pics to do it. My brain is mush right  now so I’m not going to try.

The only issue with my job is the favoritism. It drives me batshit. I know that I do a better job than at least one of person, yet she still gets more rooms than I do. Oh freakin well, shit happens life goes on.  I don’t know if I will be called back next year or not. But if she is, Imma raise holy hell.

I know this is not very well put together, but I am in a rambling kind of mood. I will probably be back later today, with some pics and stuff of this summer. Other than the hubby being out of work, and me busting my ass it really hasn’t been bad. Other that I seemed to always freakin rain on my day off, or someone went to the hospital.

Catch ya laterz 🙂

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