Crazy Days……..

I moved back to the great white north because it was safer for my kids. The crime rate was lower, there were less murders, and other things.

Things have changed and not for the better. I have seen more drugs here than I ever saw when I lived in NY, there have been 6 murders in the past 18 months. There are break ins and thefts left and right. I can’t send my kids out by themselves to play, because you never know anymore what the hell is going to happen.

I want to win the powerball, just so I can buy my own private island and security force. Shit is getting beyond scary. One of the murders happened not even 5 miles away just a couple of houses down from my aunt.

Sorry my thoughts are so messy, but things have got me all over the place right now. That and other shit that I will go into later. Nothing bad, but my brain is on overload………………..


Have a good one ­čÖé

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