Fall housecleaning….

I am wearing my self out. I have been re-arranging the house to make it easier for my semi-invalid hubby to get around.  His not being able to walk made it so he was mostly banished to the bedroom, which was not helping at all. He is getting so depressed as he can’t work, or help in any way right now. I am trying my best to make it so he can still be a part of the family without us having to crowd into the room.

The only problem with all the re-arranging stuff, is that I have found all the things that I haven’t dusted in like forever. I forget about the top shelves because I never see them.  Oopsy, my bad lol. I saw it this weekend. Scary ass shit. The dust bunnies were killer. I thought I was going to lose an arm or something. But my big bad vacuum got em and saved the day :D.

Well, that’s my exciting weekend. I was going to say something about the elections, but there has been so much ignorance and intolerance, I am actually speechless. Lets just say things went the way that I personally wanted. If it hadn’t, I’d still be sitting here after doing the same things I did today. No sense in all the hate and other shit going down. FFS the election is over, you just need to deal. Hatred will get you NOWHERE!! Ok, that’s my political contribution lol.

Have a wonderful day, night, afternoon, evening…whatever 🙂

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