Bah humbug

I just can’t get into it this year for whatever reason. My tree is up, there are lights up in the windows and on the porch, but that’s it.

I’ m not sure if it’s the holidays or if it’s just everything.  You can be positive for so long  before you just go fuck it. I’m at that point where the negative is taking over. I have no energy or ambition. I just do not give a flying fuck.

I have, for the past two days, done nothing but sleep. I am up from three til about 2 am, kinda. I take little naps in between.

Things have never been this tight, money wise, before. We have run out of heating oil, have little or no gas in the car, and the kids are going to have very little for Christmas this year. I am at the point I want to hibernate.

Sorry this is such a downer, I just can’t shake this funk, and if I didn’t get it out, I would probably explode……not cool.

Heres hoping to a better tomorrow!!!

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