Whats been going on…

With all the info coming out and stuff from my kids and the husband, I honestly think that what she tried to do to me was make me think I was nuts. I went to her for help several times, as I was so far in my own head I didn’t know what to think…..She would tell me at the time she would help me and then when I asked, she would act like she knew nothing about it…….just a thought I had and Im hoping that I’m wrong :/  but others saw it too….. I hate to think it, but I don’t see any other thing……I knew she was miserable with *******, but still…..why me? Why my life? Was it easier than trying to build hers? Mine isn’t perfect, but I can say, other than this, (I know its a big this) Joe is a wonderful, caring, attentive husband….it really doesn’t make sense, especially when I would literally cry to her how much I love my husband and she’d tell him I was fine….. I just dont get how one person says that she hates fakes and phonies and users, yet did this shit. I know he is far from innocent, but at least he didn’t stoop to this.  I know this rambling but i am trying to get a handle on this mess.
I do know that my marriage is better than ever. So its time to move on and make it even better.  TTYL.

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