Its been a long

ass few weeks. With all that has happened, I also found about two weeks worth of my meds hidden in my house. Pretty bad when I was out of meds while she was here, and she knew how bad the withdrawal was. I was almost digging my skin off and pulling the hair out of my head. But hey to each their own. Its done and over with and she is so out of my life forever. Tho I do miss her hubby and the boys. She deleted the oldest from my Facebook. Go figure. I guess she doesn’t want him to know what a cunt she really is. But she does pretty good as a mom. But that is neither here nor there.

They (who ever they are) say that everything happens for a reason. I’m guessing it does, and at least this time I know(kinda, from this side) why. Not entirely, and there still is NO EXCUSE for what he did. But things have gotten so much better here. My husband and I are doing better than ever. We are stronger, happier and way closer than in years. My mind is back where it belongs. My house looks amazing. My kids are happier. It’s a good end to a shitty situation.

As for her, I will her no ill will. I just hope that she takes care of her own life and stops trying to fuck up others lives.


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