Once again I fail

at being here every day. I try, I really do. But life isn’t crazy nuts, its close. There have been two surgeries, 1 planned, 1 emergency. Cheer leading practice and competitions. Illness, Alzheimer’s, and other assorted things.

I have written a million (not quite, but close) posts in my head. By the time I get here, they are gone. I’m still spending too much time thinking about things that can’t be changed. About people who do not even deserve my thoughts. About wasted time. Too much over-thinking.

Oh well. Things move on, and they still are getting better. My baby turned 8 last weekend. It’s just not possible. Time is going by oh so fast. I want a rewind button. For a lot of things lol. Funny thing is I really don’t want to change anything. Everything that has happened has made me who I am. There are things I would just like to see again, people who are long gone that I miss oh so very very much.

Apparently I am in a rambling mood lol. But its not bad this time. Thankfully I am getting better and stronger all the time. I am the person I used to be again, but with added strength. I now know what is important in my life and that I will go to any means to protect it.

I am me. I am very happy with that. I also really don’t give a frogs fat ass what anyone else thinks. Still moving forward ­čÖé

Have a wonderful evening.

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