Random crap

Not really sure what to write but here goes.

Guess I’ll dive in with female issues. Like hoping that I’m going thru menopause. People may think I’m nuts but if you have to deal with the pain I’ve dealt with over the years you’d  welcome it too lol. Cramps that would make most people cry…..enough blood to make it look like several people got stabbed in the aorta……yeah it is as gross as it sounds.

Next topic….nosy asses shit strirring neighbors. I have two dogs. One is 3 and the other is 15. The 15 year old is not doing so wonderful.  She really doesn’t easy much anymore and she should probably be put down but I can’t bring myself to do it. The other one is an uber-hyper dog who eats twice a day but its hard to keep the weight on him. He runs constantly and never stops. He loves to run and play and chase stuff. Hes a big baby lol. Someone decided to call the town and bitch instead of asking me. I mean god forbid someone asks what’s going on BEFORE causing trouble. That would be to easy tho. Can’t upset people that way. I dunno what is wrong with people these days.

Next is faith in humanity, or qqy lack of. Seems that people are just getting worse everyday. Every now and then things happen that gives me some back but something even more stupid happens and its gone again…..

I guess that’s it for today. Ill try to be organized next time lol.

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