Busy as a bee

Helloo blogosphere! I have been busy as a one legged man in a butt~kickin contest. I have been getting ready to go bck to school. After a loooooong time I have decided that late or not I am going to make something of my life. I will be in school at the very least 2 years. I’ll then have my paralegal certificate…..after that I will probably get my bachelors degree in justice studies. Thats 4 years there. Then I will decide if I’m going on to law school or not. I want to get my certification first that way I can finish school while working. The hubby due to his knee can no longer be a mechanic so he is also going to school for mechanical engineering.

I hope that everything else will fall into place. I love Maine. It’s my home. But there is nothing here. We are talking about the Midwest. Where there is little or no humidity so he can actually function. The arthritis is getting him badly. It’s sad that he’s only 40 and he can hardly walk.  Just not cool.

I started a program called college transitions. It’s for people like me to help get them brushed up on the basics and ready to go back to school. The math is killing me but other than that its great. I love it and I’m getting excited about it. I’m supposed to start in January so let’s hope.

That’s it for now. Gotta get one of the kids from school. She’s practicing for the fall musical. She’s a fabulous singer. One day I’ll record her for you. Take care til I get back! Ttfn

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