New direction

Before I paste the post that I wrote before, I want to let you know that I am taking a new direction. I have, in the past, let my depression get the best of me. But I am refusing to give in any more. Things are going better and better, and I will not let me stop me. So here we go with the post I wrote earlier.

Ok here I go writing down my thoughts and whatnot again. I will have to upload this to my blog later but as for now this will do.

There is too much going on for my head to process.  Joe’s family is once again a bunch of douchebags who have fucked with my life. If my stuff is still there I will be thrilled if not I’ll be pissed and get over it. Life has moved on and so have I. I never thought that I-we would be living with Angel and Jeff

After everything that happened this is the last place I thought I would ever be. But it works. Things needed to be shook up and we be shaking them. We have a gorgeous house on the lake and I do miss my privacy and the ability to wander thru the house nekkid but other than that I can’t complain. Well I can but there really isn’t much to complain about. Other than my kids lol. Kim decided without warning to drop out of college and I have no way to get her no money and the van is not going to make it

Kara had decided to come back from Florida but at least she’s not going to be living here.  She’s going to Ellsworth and live with Carrie and other friends. Hopefully she has a job there because I cannot afford to take care of my older kids. Kim’s going to be upset as she’s going to be looking for a job as soon as she lands unless she lives with Bobbie. I can’t take care of her ass anymore

Kaity has issues but they are the same issues she’s always had. She’s very insecure and doubts herself at every turn. Other than that Kait’s good

Even Joe and Jeff have found common ground, they are getting along somewhat. Not perfect but hey one step at a time. I’ll take it lol

I just hope this will work out. I’m not really good about sharing and stuff and this will test it. Yes we’ve lived together before but things were different then and they will NEVER take that path again.

I’ve moved past the shit in my life that caused that and I’m writing now to help prevent it ever happening again, if I keep shit in is when it heads south, I WILL NOT let that happen ever ever again.

Once I can wrap my head around why someone would do to their brother what Mikey did to Joe I’ll be ok. I just don’t get that kind of shit. Why would someone do that to their brother??? It really doesn’t make sense, I kind of feel bad for them, that they treat people like that, there will not be anyone there for them in the future, but to each his own. We will be much happier away from that toxic town and the toxic people there. I wish no one any ill will. What happens, happens, but I will have a clear conscience……ok that’s it for now. I will have to post some pics of this beautiful house and its surroundings. I love this house and hope that we can always be here. Just send 300,000 to my address and I can keep it hehe

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