Hello and Happy New Year!!!!

I hope that you all have gotten off to  a wonderful start. I, on the other hand, haven’t but I am dealing with it. Seems my brother in law, who had gotten my husband a job, is a heroin junkie. He decided to pilfer thousands upon thousands from the company they worked for. So no, no job for the hubby. Hopefully stuff turns around soon. I’m not ready to break but there are limits.

The kids are doing pretty well too…The oldest just quit her job of 7 years and started a new one. Not what I wanted for her, but she’s got her own life and I can’t live it for her. The second oldest will never change. Love her dearly, but all she does is hide. Hopefully she gets out of that stage before its too late. The next one decided that college was too much for her, so shes moved home. But she hasn’t found a job, shes half assing her chores, and is in general lazy as all hell. But if I say a word, I’m just being mean and picking on her. The littlest is amazingly well. We have had to move, which is a story for another day, twice, Been to two different schools in a month, and had adjusted. She does way better than the bigger kids.

As for me, I’m not doing to shabby. Looking for a job, and a change. The hubs and I have talked, and as much as we love it here, we need a fresh start in a different place. I’ve been looking in Jersey and Tennessee. Not sure where we are going to land, but we will be landing somewhere new soon. There is nothing in this state to keep us here. There are no decent jobs, nothing to do. It’s just time for a change. Change is good 🙂

Well there’s a quick update. There is so much more to share, but its 2:30 AM and I’m kinda tired. Hasta La Vista 🙂

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