Is it just me?

Here’s some back story. I worked for the past year and a half for a staffing agency, but in the same place at the same position, with the promise of possible permanent. Well, this past week, they got rid of the agency and of me. All I figure is that I should have been given a heads up, but no one ever said a word to me. Now I realize that in the world of temps, that when an assignment ends, it ends, no explanation. But I also figure that if you have been there more than a year, you deserve a bit more.

Now here’s where it gets fun. A bunch of the regulars have gone to the head of the organization that i work for, with notes asking that i be brought back. I got a call from the staffing agency today. Seems that one of these leaders called said agency and told them I was having all these people go in and do this, and that I had myself left her a nasty note. I had left her a note, but all it said is that I wished to speak with them, and gave them my number. So, all these people had gone in on my behalf, and I honestly did not know they were going in, but it all seems to come back that I am a trouble maker and i started all this. I kind of wish I had, but I didn’t. I’m sorry that the customers like me. I’m sorry i was a good employee. I’m sorry I cared about my job and making them happy. NOT. Its who I am and what I do no matter where I work. As much as I really don’t like people, when it comes to customer service I generally excel.

Like I said, I was a temp. I know that, but when you give said temp false hopes, you should expect some hard feelings. I did not know that they were going to go to bat for me. I knew they liked me, but still. I appreciate it all. If I got my job back there it would be awesome, but unless they get rid of the manager, it will never happen, because I would never work for that person again.

Anyhow, thats it for now. There really hasnt been much going on, and I kind of like it that way:)

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